Different Jordanian state bodies produced agricultural statistics about the West Bank, and these are the ones that I found in Amman (and generally are the sources for most older scholarship on this period). There are more fine-grained, district level reports as well, but I was unable to locate them in the Ministry of Agriculture in Amman, and from employees I spoke to there, it does not seem like they were preserved. I came across one or two in Jordanian files held at the ISA. [Download the batch here]

Jordanian Agricultural Statistics

Ministry of National Economy, Census of Agriculture, 1953.

Ministry of National Economy, Statistical Yearbook (Section B: Agricultural Statistics), 1954.

Ministry of Agriculture, Annual Report, 1963.

Department of Statistics, Report on Agriculture Census, 1965.

Department of Statistics, Population and Labour Force in the Agriculture Sector, 1967.

Ministry of Agriculture (prepared by B. Abu Howayej), Agricultural Atlas of Jordan, 1973.