Rural Archive

The following documents relate to rural Palestine (primarily covering the years of 1952–1990), and I collected them from libraries and archives in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nablus, and Amman during my fieldwork for my dissertation. When I was initially thinking about putting this archive together, I had hoped to do it collectively with several other researchers who also had sizable personal archives (also collected over the course of their dissertation research). The idea was that there isn’t much scholarly work done on rural Palestine today, and that part of the difficulty of doing this work is that source material is scattered all over the place, and often not easily accessible to researchers without the right passports, institutional backing, and funding. I didn’t realize how time-consuming even posting material could be, and so the collective part of this project will have to wait. For now, this is material from my own archive and is limited to the themes I was tracking. Most of the archival documents and government reports are up now, although I might upload some of the harder to find (mostly Arabic) books that were published in the 1980s at some point.

Currently, I have found it easiest to host the files—which include some quite large JPEGs as well as some PDFs—on Dropbox. The organization of is pretty rudimentary and mostly reflects the keywords I used in my field notes. If you’d like to use any of these files, please send an email to paulkohlbry (at) gmail (dot) com, and I can give you a download password (ideally, this will give me a rough idea as to whether not anyone is actually interested in these documents). Let me know what you’re working on!

Finally, if you have ideas about archiving, expanding this sort of thing to include more materials, or anything else, do be in touch. If this archive is useful, both as a research tool and a way to create some chance for collaborative work, I’d love to build it up. For now, this is sort of an experiment, and I’m curious to see where (if anywhere) it goes.



Jordanian government files, 1948 – 1967 (Israel State Archives, Jerusalem)

West Bank agricultural statistics, 1948–1973 (various libraries, Amman)

Rural Research Center, 1980–1993 (various libraries, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nablus)


Land and property

Jordanian government files, 1948 – 1967 (Israel State Archives, Jerusalem)

Department of Land and Survey reports, 1952–1967 (DLS Library, Amman)


Local Government

Jordanian government files, 1948 – 1967 (Israel State Archives, Jerusalem)