These files are labeled as “mem gimel aleph (MGA)” in the Israel State Archives. They often contain correspondence from multiple government ministries as well as petitions from different villages, so I’ve tried to label them according to where each file would have been housed.

MGA 38

MGA 38/10, Ministry of Interior: 1963, requests for grain aid from central government, Um Safa and bedouin near Deir Jarir. [6 pages]

MGA 38/21, Agricultural Credit Cooperation: 1960, Agricultural Credit Corporation correspondence to Jerusalem, relevant notices pertaining to the implementation of the 1959 Agricultural Credit Law, discussions of eligibility. [33 pages]

MGA 38/25, Agricultural Bank: 1959, rural debt and request for tax forgiveness, crop inspections, collateral on land without title. [30 pages]

MGA 38/26, Ministry of Finance: 1961–1962, report from the Ministry of Finance about drought and land tax forgiveness, data on crop loss, requests from villages for tax forgiveness, claims on crops that are being grown. [44 pages]

MGA 38/28, Ministry of Interior: 1962, statement from the lawyer of the farmer who was being evicted, statement by the landowners' lawyer, a back and forth in the government, and a report by the committee that was formed to investigate it. [15 pages]

MGA 38/30, Ministry of Agriculture: 1959–1965, agricultural advisors in the West Bank. [19 pages]

MGA 39

MGA 39/01, Ministry of Agriculture: 1961, emergency grain provision; price controls, lists by village, accounts of theft, requests by village leadership for food aid from central government. [99 pages]

MGA 39/09, Ministry of Agriculture: 1964, drought relief, mention of improved seed program in Turmisiyya. [10 pages]

MGA 39/11 (A), Ministry of Agriculture: 1963, drought, requests from mukhtars for aid, different water interventions in Jericho. [78 pages]

MGA 39/11 (B), Ministry of Agriculture: 1961–1964, flooding damage, requests for compensation, accounts of damage; mostly Bethlehem, Beit Fajjar, also Ramallah and Jerusalem. [181 pages]

MGA 39/12, Ministry of Agriculture: 1963–1965, floods in the Jordan River, tax exemption or loans, focus on Jericho, account of field visit as well as list of flood damage. [19 pages]

MGA 39/15, Ministry of Agriculture: 1961–1964, extensive claims of trespassing and resultant damage done to agricultural lands, usually by Bedouin or village owners of animals, covers mostly central and southern West Bank. [95 pages]

MGA 39/19, Ministry of Agriculture: 1961–1962, various agricultural issues, crop inspections, compensation for crop damages, grain provisioning, mostly Ramallah/Jerusalem. [47 pages]

MGA 39/20, Ministry of Agriculture: 1963–1964, statements and claims of damage caused by trespassing and grazing animals, expert investigations, and appeals. [137 pages]

MGA 39/22, Ministry of Agriculture: 1963–1964, monthly reports from the Department of Agriculture that include rainfall, crop yields, tree planting, military bases, agricultural instruction work, trainings, veterinary, livestock, forestry, and nurseries. [109 pages]

MGA 39/23, Ministry of Agriculture: 1965, request from the mukhtar/people of Biet Ijza for a prohibition of grazing on their lands, part of wider inter-village dispute. [27 pages]

MGA 49

MGA 49/16, Ministry of Agriculture (Forestry Department): 1953–1958, Trespassing, fires, shepherds, inspections of land, afforestation programs. Various locations, including Tubas, Jerusalem, Jerusalem villages (Anabta, Him, Jaba’, Mikhmas),  Ramallah villages (Ni’lin, Beitin, Burqa). [30 pages]