These files are labeled as “mem gimel aleph (MGA)” in the Israel State Archives. They often contain correspondence from multiple government ministries as well as petitions from different villages, so I’ve tried to label them according to where each file would have been housed. A note on MGA 14 and 95 (mukhtar files): in a 1982 article published in Fellah and Townsman in the Middle East: Studies in Social History called “The Office and Functions of the Mukhtars,” Gabriel Baer cites some very detailed Jordanian government files on mukhtars that get into questions of land ownership. The filing system for the ISA seems to have changed since the 1980s, and the numbers that Baer gives in his bibliography no longer correspond to the ISA’s system. I went through all the mukhtar files and could not locate any of the documents that Baer mentioned.

MGA 01

MGA 01/27, Ministry of Finance: 1965–1966, budgets for the Jericho municipality and related correspondence. [27 pages]

MGA 02

MGA 02/01, Ministry of Finance: 1965–1967, budgets for the Jericho municipality. [41 pages]

MGA 14

MGA 14/15, Ministry of Interior: 1961–1967, al-Jib mukhtars and family reports. [62 pages

MGA 14/16, Ministry of Interior: 1958–1966, Complaint about mukhtar corruption, lawyers and extensive correspondence. [79 pages]

MGA 14/17, Ministry of Interior: 1957–1959, Um Safa, mukhtar resignation. [13 pages]

MGA 14/18, Ministry of Interior: 1957–1960, Kobar, claims of corruption. [10 pages]

MGA 14/19, Ministry of Interior: 1958–1961, Abwayn, criminal disputes related to mukhtar and money. [50 pages]

MGA 14/20, Ministry of Interior: 1956–1963, Yalu (destroyed in 1967), government reports on village, family conflicts, border situation. [14 pages]

MGA 14/21, Ministry of Interior: 1957–1966, firing of a mukhtar in Deir Jarir relating to membership in the Ba'ath Party, various requests and correspondence. [50 pages]

MGA 95

MGA 95/1, Ministry of Interior: 1959, al-Nawaiya mukhtar file. [15 pages]

MGA 95/2, Ministry of Interior: 1959–1967, Ni’lin mukhtar file. [27 pages]

MGA 95/5, Ministry of Interior: 1959–1964, 'Arab al-Ta'amra mukhtar file. [45 pages]

MGA 95/6, Ministry of Interior: 1957–1962, 'Asba Jabr Camp mukhtar file. [15 pages]

MGA 95/7, Ministry of Interior: 1958–1964, Beit Jala mukhtar file. [44 pages]

MGA 95/9, Ministry of Interior: 1957–1962, Beit Fajjar mukhtar file. [68 pages]

MGA 95/13, Ministry of Interior: 1965, Azariyya mukhtar file. [175 pages]

MGA 95/16, Ministry of Interior: 1960–1963, 'Asba Jabr mukhtar file. [25 pages]

MGA 95/18, Ministry of Interior: 1959–1960, Bethlehem mukhtar file. [8 pages]

MGA 95/19, Ministry of Interior: 1963–1965, Ayn Sultan Camp mukhtar file. [14 pages]

MGA 95/21, Ministry of Interior: 1958–1960,  al-Auwjeh mukhtar file. [48 pages]

MGA 95/22, Ministry of Interior: 1958–1966, Beit Sahour mukhtar file. [17 pages]

MGA 95/23, Ministry of Interior: 1959–1966, Jericho mukhtar file. [79 pages]