A few photos from a recent trip to Hatteras. After five days, first of flat days, then of storms, we had two days of excellent ways. Saturday in Rodanthe was a lot like this: hollow, draining, and difficult. Sunday down in Buxton was a bit smaller and a lot friendlier. Took these photos on the way out in Rodanthe, where the southwest wind was keeping some of these bigger ones open. 

The Palestinian Periphery

During my fieldwork, I did a side project for the Land Defense Coalition/Stop the Wall focusing on the communities living in Area C on the edges of the West Bank. The fieldwork itself was surprising and brought to me places I wouldn't have otherwise gone. Writing with and for movements is a rewarding exercise, but a difficult one as well. It always involves a balancing act of getting at questions about about political possibility and foreclosure that drive me a researcher, the need to situate the analysis within normative legal frameworks that are intelligible to one set of imagined readers, and the move to position the movement itself within the narrative. Its involves different kinds of discussions and compromises than other kinds of writing does, and often results in a polyvocal analysis in which different perspectives both compliment and contradict one another. I'm pretty happy with how the final text came out. You can check it out here